Expanding Access to High-Quality Universal Pre-K for Pennsylvania's Children
November 2022

Pre-K Counts Program Report
April 2022

PPC Pre-K State Comparison Report
April 2022

Invest in Quality: A Case for Paying Closer to What High-Quality Pre-k Costs
March 2021

Pennsylvania ranks 19 out of 28 in per capita investments of pre-k programs. Pre-k rates have not kept pace with inflation. Investing in quality through rate adjustments ensures pre-k programs can maintain high-quality and safe early learning experiences for children and families.

The Road to Success Includes High-Quality Pre-K
January 2020

States with similar political compositions and quality standards are making stronger per capita investments, putting their early learners on the road to success in school and in life at a faster pace than Pennsylvania. PA ranks 19th out of the 28 states that also publicly fund high-quality pre-kindergarten programs with similar quality standards, remaining nearly stagnant since the first state comparison report was released in 2017.

Workforce Readiness - The National Security Threat from Within
November 2019

While external threats to America’s national security are well-covered by headlines, few recognize the threat from within – the readiness of America’s youth. Retired generals and admirals call for continued investment in high-quality early care and education programs as “pipeline” investments in workforce (and military) readiness.

Ready to Succeed: Kindergarten Teachers Support Investments in High-Quality Pre-k
May 2019

The results of this kindergarten teacher survey show resounding support for high-quality pre-k, with 96% of elementary school teachers agreeing that students who attend a high-quality pre-k program are ready for success in kindergarten, and 98% agreeing that high-quality, publicly funded pre-k is an important tool for preparing at-risk children for kindergarten.

Pathways to Pre-K: How Pennsylvania Delivers High-Quality Early Learning
March 2019

Despite its early innovations, Pennsylvania has fallen behind as other states expanded their programs to reach more children. As of 2018, 44 percent of eligible children are being served. Still, more than 97,700 eligible children across the state lack access to publicly funded pre-k.

Pre-K Key to Cutting Pennsylvania Prison Costs and Boosting School Success
May 2018

PA's prisons are full of people serving time for serious and costly crimes. High school dropouts are more likely to end up in prison. But it doesn't have to be that way: Providing at-risk kids with high-quality early learning programs can reduce crime and the resulting costs, other expenditures, and long-term negative impacts on society.

Pre-K Works, So Why Not PA?
February 2018

Pennsylvania ranks 18th out of 30 states that make public investments in high-quality pre-k. This is despite having increased its per capita investment by $30 million for the current fiscal year.

Elementary School Principals Resoundingly Support Pre-K Investments
September 2017

Elementary School Principals Resoundingly Support Pre-K Investments details findings of a recent statewide survey of elementary school principals to better understand their perception of high-quality pre-k and its importance in building the foundation necessary for children to enter kindergarten ready to succeed. Nearly 99 percent agree that publicly funded, high-quality pre-k is an important tool for preparing children for kindergarten, particularly those at risk.

Sources and Citations

Prioritizing Pre-K in Pennsylvania: A State Comparison
May 2017

Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children (PPC) released a report that commends Pennsylvania for making increased state investments in publicly funded, high-quality pre-k but highlighting that the commonwealth is lagging behind many other states, including economic competitors, in its per capita investment.





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