Access to high-quality pre-k gives all children the opportunity to learn. 


EVERY CHILD BENEFITS:  When all children arrive ready to learn, they are best able to take advantage of the educational benefits of classroom learning.

  • Children who are enrolled in a high-quality pre-k program are more likely to advance grades and have improved social skills.
  • When children begin with high-quality pre-k, this early investment prevents the achievement gap from becoming too wide and reduces the need for costly interventions in the future.
  • A child’s brain is 90% developed by age 5, making the early years a crucial time in a child’s development.

Pre-k strengthens our schools.


Grade_3_Reading_Level_version2RESEARCH IS STRONG: A growing body of research demonstrates that high-quality prek strengthens a child’s overall performance in grades K through 12.

  • High-quality pre-k significantly improves children’s early literacy, language, math and social/emotional skills as they enter kindergarten.
  • High-quality pre-k reduces special education placements by nearly half through 2nd grade.
  • High-quality pre-k reduces grade repetition by as much as a third through 8th grade.
  • High-quality pre-k increases the likelihood of high school graduation and college enrollment, which in turn leads to stronger employment opportunities and increased lifetime earning potential.

Pre-k lays the foundation for a more successful Pennsylvania.



  • It helps build intellectual infrastructure for the future, yielding both social and economic benefits.
  • Investment in pre-k saves taxpayers’ money in the long term by reducing the need for special education and remedial instruction, and increasing the rates of graduation and college enrollment.
  • Enrollment in high-quality pre-k decreases the likelihood of at-risk children committing a crime later in life, which reduces taxpayer costs associated with public safety, prosecution, and incarceration.
The Case for Pre-K: Citations

The Case for Pre-K: Data Citations

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