The COVID-19 crisis and subsequent state-imposed economic shutdown has had profound negative consequences for early care and education providers in Pennsylvania and has exposed the fragility of our child care system. 


  • All Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts and Head Start classrooms are closed
  • 80% of Pennsylvania child care providers are closed

In a March 2019 survey, nearly 1/3 of responding providers indicated that they will likely go out of business if closed for more than a month.

A significant loss in child care capacity is:

  • Troubling for the present needs of our essential employees
  • Crippling for the broader workforce when businesses reopen
  • Impacting our youngest learners’ social, emotional and educational gains short and long term

See below for detailed actions lawmakers can take now to save early learning in PA!

Tell the Governor and General Assembly to Save Early Learning in PA!

Enable a Rapid Reopening of Early Learning Programs and Return to Work for all Families

Act Now to Ensure Student Success and Avoid Higher Costs for Public Schools

Protect Providers, Instill Consumer Confidence in Reopening and Decrease Risk of Subsequent Infection