Pre-K Wins ECE Contest


Pre-K for PA is calling on the ECE community to show our strength! And we’ve organized a friendly competition to do just that. The premise is simple — sign up the most folks to support the campaign and WIN! Reach out to sign up your entire early learning community:  staff, colleagues, families and community partners in support of Pre-K for PA to compete for fabulous prizes based on the program size.

1. Register one time for the contest.

Click here to register your program.

2. Recruit supporters to enter.

Once registered, sign up everyone you know – families, friends, neighbors, businesses, colleagues, and the general public all count!

Supporters can enter online at or in person.

To collect entries in person at meetings or events, use this printable handout form to collect entries (PDF) — make sure everyone prints legibly!

And here is a flyer (PDF) to hang on site.

3. Submit your entries.

Submit entries by typing them up on Excel or Word and emailing the file to Suzann Morris (

Or you can enter the info directly on this web form:

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4. Win!

Winners will be announced throughout the summer in 2014. Prizes include:

  • $100 gift card
  • (2) $50 Discount School Supply Gift Cards
  • (5) AEYC memberships (to be distributed across regions)
  • AEYC canvas bag stuffed to the brim!
  • Lakeshore materials

Contest Rules:

  1. Early Learning programs compete as a program and all early learning programs are eligible to compete. Sign up here to register for the contest.
  2. Early learning programs will compete against one another in the following categories: FAMILY, GROUP, HEAD START, CENTER child care, or PRIVATE PRE-K/NURSERY SCHOOL. Designate your program’s category on the registration page.
  3. You must submit all supporter entrants electronically, as described higher on this page. If you need any assistance with this process, please email
  4. Only entries with complete names and valid email addresses will count. Phone numbers are requested but not required.
  5. Entries will be counted on a per child ratio. For example, if your program serves 5 children, and you sign up 50 people, your ratio is 10 people/child. Programs with the highest ratios win! Note: All children served count for the total number of children served: part-time, full-time, and after school care. 
  6. Contest winners will be announced throughout the summer in 2014. Entries can be submitted on an ongoing basis.

Our Vision

Pre-K for PA’s vision is that all 3- and 4-year-old children in Pennsylvania have the opportunity to enter kindergarten ready to succeed. Help us spread the word to our elected officials and candidates running for office this year by signing up as many Pennsylvanians as possible! Your support helps to ensure leaders in Harrisburg will make early learning a priority issue.  Pre-K for PA does not support or oppose candidates.