Pre-K for PA Movement Gaining Momentum

 September 30, 2014

A new poll shows that more and more people are supporting voluntary, high quality Pre-K education for all kids in Pennsylvania.

Regardless of political affiliations, people of all backgrounds are showing their support for Pre-K reform in Pennsylvania. Research shows only 28 percent of Erie County three and four year olds have access to publicly-funded Pre-K education but recently, a new poll reveals that more and more people are pushing for voluntary, high-quality Pre-K education for all.

Local Pre-K for PA Co-Chair Ron Dinicola says Pre-K helps kids in their learning cycle. cycle. “If they’re in the circle at the beginning, they will stay in the circle, if they come to kindergarten and they’re outside of the circle, the data shows that they tend to stay outside the circle. We want every child, three/four year old, they don’t get a do-over, we want to make sure they’re ready to learn when they get to kindergarten,” Dinicola said.

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