The Philadelphia Inquirer: Pa. Treasurer McCord sells himself as governor material

“Rob McCord looked like he’d been dropped into that ubiquitous cellphone commercial, seated in an undersized chair at a too-tiny table in a Philadelphia classroom.

But McCord wasn’t tossing out inane questions to toddlers. His topic during the visit Wednesday to an early-childhood center near Chinatown was deadly serious: how to keep children – particularly those from struggling families – in school and out of jail.

McCord, state treasurer since 2009, was on hand to make his case that if elected governor he would triple the amount the state spends on its youngest students.

“If we put $220 million more in early-childhood education, we save $3 billion in costs associated with high school dropouts,” McCord told members of the Pre-K for PA Coalition at the center, Children’s Village. “Talk about an investment that pays for itself.””

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