The Notebook: Editorial: Glimmers of optimism

“With a bleak financial predicament facing Philadelphia public schools, it is hard to maintain optimism about the future of public education here. As the Notebook reflects on 20 years of publishing in pursuit of educational quality and equity, we cannot say students are better off than they were in 1994. But we do see encouraging trends – both growing wisdom and evidence that an informed, engaged community can make a difference.

For example, we know now that the early years are critical for child development and that high-quality pre-K can help ensure success in school. In 1994, full-day kindergarten still was missing from most high-poverty schools here. That fight has been won, and now the public campaign has moved to expanding access to quality pre-K for 3- and 4-year-olds. With most state legislators and the governor up for election this year, the “Pre-K for PA” campaign is positioned to win a statewide commitment to new investments in early education.”

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