The Daily Item: LTE: A Long-Term Investment

As the Snyder County District Attorney, keeping our residents safe from crime and violence is priority number one. Obviously this involves prosecuting, and in appropriate cases, incarcerating those that break the law. Yet a comprehensive approach to keeping our communities safe must also include proven strategies that prevent individuals from turning to crime in the first place.

This is why I support the expansion of high quality pre-kindergarten programs. Research is clear that at-risk kids who participate are more ready for school and life and avoid crime and violence along the way.

I agree with Joanne Troutman’s recent op-ed (“My Turn: Giving can only help pre-K so much,” Feb. 10) urging our legislators to prioritize the expansion of high quality pre-K to an additional 14,000 at-risk kids in 2016 and all at-risk kids by 2019. Such an investment will not only contribute to brighter futures for at-risk children, but will keep our communities safer and save taxpayer dollars in the years to come.

Mike Piecuch

Snyder County District Attorney

Member of the Early Learning Investment Committee of the Susquehanna River Valley and Fight Crime: Invest in Kids

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