by Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children:

Across the commonwealth this month, Pennsylvania’s high school seniors are proudly donning caps and gowns and standing with their classmates and teachers as they accept their diplomas – a huge accomplishment.

We know (thanks to volumes of research) that high-quality pre-k is a solid foundation for a great education. High-quality pre-k greatly increases the likelihood of high school graduation and college enrollment, in turn leading to stronger employment opportunities and increased lifetime earning potential.

That’s why the work we are doing as part of the statewide, non-partisan Pre-K for PA campaign is so important.

We are proud of the commonwealth’s high school graduates and equally proud of the support people like you are showing in the effort to increase access to high-quality pre-k for every 3- and 4-year-old in Pennsylvania. With your support, we can help ensure Pennsylvania will have many more high school graduates to celebrate in the future – graduates that benefitted from high-quality-pre-k.

If you know someone who hasn’t already signed on as a supporter of the Pre-K for PA campaign, please forward this message to them.


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