Morning Call: LTE: Early education still a priority
Xiomara Rosado
SEP 10, 2020

My son started preschool this week. I know I’m not alone with all of my questions and anxieties, as I send him each day. This school year will be unforgettable for us for many reasons, but we cannot lose sight of how irreplaceable this year of a high-quality early education is for a child’s development.

The pandemic is challenging our schools and forcing them to make hard decisions. We cannot also let it hurt our children’s access to these valuable programs. A high-quality, pre-K education is proven to prepare children for success in kindergarten — it’s why I worked so hard to get my son into a Pre-K Counts program and why I send him to school each day. With COVID-19 looming over preschools and child care centers, as a parent, I want to know if the state is doing everything they can to ensure our kids will still have access to a high quality pre-K education. Now more than ever, we need to focus on our children’s education and ensure they have the foundation necessary to make them successful. We need to invest, more, not less, and keep moving forward — our future is dependent on it.

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