The following resolution was passed on April 28, 2014:

Whereas, the Lower Merion School District’s Board of School directors is aware that respected research shows that children who have had access to high quality Pre-K experiences perform well in school and further in life, and rigorous national efforts to estimate benefit-cost ratios of preschool have suggested that early childhood education can be a wise financial investment, and

Whereas, child care centers, nursery schools and Pre-K centers in our community offer high quality Pre-K programs to children of families and the school district successfully collaborates and engages with local pre-school programs to help 
ensure readiness for school through a variety of thoughtful approaches to child development, and 

Whereas, these programs are not available to all families in our community due to economic circumstances, and an increasing number of our District’s families are finding it difficult to meet the costs of high quality Pre-K, 

Therefore, be it resolved, the Lower Merion School District’s Board of School Directors supports the adoption of state funding policies that ensure every three and four year old child in Pennsylvania can access high quality Pre-K programs through a variety of service providers and as a result will more likely be ready for academic and lifelong success.