Lehigh Valley Live: LTE: Child care providers getting some financial help in PA
June 3, 2020

The stimulus bill passed on May 28 by the Pennsylvania Legislature showed that our elected officials can work together. I am so thankful that the bill includes $116 million for child care and also money for pre-k and Head Start.

My high quality, STAR 4 child care program has been closed since March 17. During that time I have been trying to prepare my facility, find and purchase necessary personal protective equipment, pay my bills and support my staff — but the money is running out.

These funds will be critical in ensuring that when my families go back to work I will be able to care for and educate their kids. Without these funds, I am not sure I would be able to reopen and that would mean more than 100 families would not have the security and support they need to go back to work.

If we can’t support our families, how will our economy ever recover? Child care matters to everyone — children, families, staff, businesses small and large, and the economy! The importance of child care is now essential, more than ever before.

Michele McEllroy
Owner-director, Cuddle Zone Learning Center

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