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GAPreKEval_RDDReport 3-4-2014
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This week, new research came out showing just how much Georgia’s investments are paying off for kids: It found kindergartners who completed Georgia’s pre-k program significantly outperformed students who hadn’t benefitted from pre-k on seven of 10 school readiness skills.

The researchers who conducted the study said their findings “provide strong evidence that Georgia’s Pre‐K provides a beneficial experience for enhancing school readiness skills for all children – boys and girls, those from families of different income levels, and children with differing levels of English language proficiency.”

We’ve seen similar benefits from high-quality pre-k here in Pennsylvania, with 4-year-olds in publicly funded pre-k programs making dramatic gains in academic and social proficiency. Yet only 1 in 6 of the commonwealth’s 3- and 4-year-olds are able to access high-quality, publicly funded pre-k programs, leaving nearly a quarter of a million kids missing out on the once-in-a-lifetime benefits high-quality pre-k provides. Some of them live in your community.