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Erie School Board Passes Resolution in Support of Pre-K for PA, Calls on Leaders in Harrisburg to Fund Early Learning

NWPA Campaign Co-chairs Encourage County School Districts to Pass Similar Resolutions

Erie, PA (June, 25, 2014) – The Erie School Board today passed a resolution in support of Pre-K for PA.  The resolution recognizes the value of early learning and calls on leaders in Harrisburg to fund Pre-K for all Pennsylvania children.  Pre-K for PA is an issue campaign supported by individuals and organizations across Pennsylvania advocating for access to high quality pre-K for all three and four-year-olds.

“We are joining other school boards across the state to rally state officials around an investment in early learning, ” said resolution sponsor and School Board Director Bob Casillo.  “There is overwhelming evidence and educators will attest that investing in quality pre-k can cut special education placements by nearly half through 2nd grade and reduce grade repetition by as much as a third through 8th grade – significantly reducing the costs associated with remediation and special education for school districts.

NWPA campaign co-chairs Nick Scott, Jr. and Ron DiNicola commended the Erie school board for their support of Pre-K for PA.

“Investing in early childhood learning is an investment in Erie’s future,” said co-chair Nick Scott, Jr.  “This resolution affirms that the Erie School District recognizes the importance of that and we are thrilled that they are taking a distinct leadership role in advocating for access to quality early learning for all kids.”

“School boards and administrators play a crucial role in influencing legislators in Harrisburg who we are beginning to recognize the building chorus of support for investment in Pre-K, said co-chair Ronald A. DiNicola.   “We encourage School Boards across the region to pass similar resolutions.”

Our vision is that every 3- and 4-year-old in Pennsylvania will have access to high quality pre-k. We will not endorse nor oppose candidates, but rather we will advocate on behalf of this vision for Pennsylvania’s children, schools and communities.