Express-Times LTE: PA Should Boost Pre-K Program Funding

As an educator of young children in a Pre-K Counts Program, I have seen firsthand how it can help young learners from the start. The programs and opportunities provided to these children have broadened their horizons and have encouraged their learning in many ways.

Children who are encouraged to learn as young children grow into school age learners; they have excitement about learning and have a solid foundation upon which to build.

In the current economic setting we can only reach so many children, and we could reach so many more children and provide more educational opportunities if the state would increase the funding for high quality pre-K programs.

I hope the lawmakers and Gov. Wolf can work together to create a budget that expands access to high-quality pre-K as much as possible so more children can benefit the way my current students are benefiting from the program.

Johanna Andresen

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