Guest Column: Investing in high quality Pre-K benefits children

Published 5/7 in Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and 5/14 in DelCo Times
By Jack Whelan and John W. Peck

The call for providing increased access to high quality pre-kindergarten programs is not a rallying cry heard only from educators. It’s one coming from all segments of the community — and for a good reason.

As prosecutors, our job is to hold criminal offenders responsible for their actions, which unfortunately also includes juvenile offenders. When we deal with them, we often think about their childhood and what led them to their criminal behavior. We see children and young adults who are on a self-destructive path and question: Could this have been prevented in the first place?

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Jack Whelan is the District Attorney of Delaware County and John W. Peck is the District Attorney of Westmoreland County. Information about the Pre-K For PA campaign can be found at and about Fight Crime: Invest in Kids at