Delaware County Moms: PreK for PA initiative

“Did you send your child to PreK?

Are you planning on sending your child to PreK?

Is there space in the PreK for your child?
Why do you care to send you child to PreK?
Many parents have an innate understanding of the value of a quality learning experience for their inherently curious 3 or 4 year old.
The 3-4 yr old child can ask more questions in a day than a giraffe has spots. Yes, I know how many spots a giraffe has. Well, at least this one giraffe at the zoo that a 3 yr old I know stared at and counted in the hot summer sun.
Instead of rushing through to see all the animals this child’s learning was centered around this animal. We discussed colors, numbers, habitats, friends (according to this 3yr old giraffes and zebras are natural friends because they both wear “designs” everyday. But she wasn’t so sure about the peacock and the giraffe. She would have to explain that one.)
This is what 3 and 4 year olds do. They inquire, they look, they wonder, they learn. So long as they are in an environment that encourages their natural learning – which is what high quality pre-k programs do.
Pre K for PA is a new statewide initiative launched today to with the vision of every 3-4 yr old in Pennsylvania having access to quality pre-k programs.”