Call the key legislators listed below who need to hear that early learning should be a priority in PA. You don’t have to be a constituent to call them as they serve in statewide leadership roles. Please call any (or all!) of these leaders and use the message below.

State Senator Joe Pittman
Senate Majority Leader
(717) 787-8724 or (724) 357-0151

State Senator Kim Ward
Senate President Pro Tempore
(717) 787-6063 or (724) 600-7002

State Senator Scott Martin
Chair of Sen. Appropriations Committee
(717) 787-6535 or (717) 397-1309

Speaker Joanna McClinton
Speaker of the House
(717) 772-9850 or (215) 748-6712

Representative Matt Bradford
House Majority Leader
(717) 772-2572 or (610) 270-1150

Representative Jordan Harris
Chair of House Appropriations Comm.
(717) 783-1792 or (215) 952-3378

“Hello, my name is _________ and I live in YOUR TOWN/ZIP. I’m calling today because early learning is important to me as it supports children and families, our communities and the economy. A stable childcare workforce is essential to maintaining quality programming for my children and to make it possible for parents like me to go to work. I support investments in early learning and I want my tax dollars to help our early education system.”

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