ABC Erie Jet 24 Action News: Former Govs Show Support for Pre-K Expansion

Former Governors Ed Rendell and Mark Schweiker spoke to local educators, elected leaders, and community members about a need for universal pre-k education in Pennsylvania. This morning a Pre-K for Pa. rally focused on why support for early education is so important. Campaign officials told us that it’s been proven that pre-k education can change lives and the community.

Ron Dinacola, Pre-K for Pa. NWPA campaign co-chair said this about the effort “if we invest in three and four year old universal education, we’re gonna have a multiplier effect of savings in special education, grad repetition, literacy problems, dropouts…with more students going on to college and with more students becoming responsible earners.” Campaign officials also told us this is just the beginning of the push for pre-k. And that more rallies, meetings, and forums will be taking place in the near future.

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