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We can’t cross the finish line without you! Your elected officials need to hear from you. They need to hear why pre-k is important to you. And they need to know why they should make high-quality pre-k a budget priority. Please take a minute to make a call today. Every call gets us closer to our goal!

To contact Governor Wolf’s office, please call (717) 787-2500.

Click below to find the office numbers for your state representative and senator. Thank you!

Click here to find your legislator

If you only have a minute to spare, you can still help!  Pre-K for PA has developed Minute-to-Win-It options that can suit even the busiest of schedules.


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events_headerMake a Call

Calls are more far powerful than emails. Call your state leaders and tell their office: “I support the Pre-K for PA vision for young children. Our kids deserve the opportunity to succeed and need help to reach their full potential. I want you, Rep/Senator, to prioritize pre-K and support a state budget with significant and historic boosts to early childhood education programs.”
Don’t know the numbers? Click here to look them up and save them in your cell phone for future use. We’ll need to you call again at key moments between now and July when the budget must be passed. Save the number and  it becomes 1 Minute-to-Win-It!



Share Your Story!

Stories are powerful tools that help the media and leaders remember how important this issue is to so many people. Tell us a little bit about yourself and then tell us: Why do your support expanded pre-k opportunities for young children? Have you had experiences with this issue you want to share? What do you want to see happen for children in PA?




Be an Advocate

Grow our effort’s momentum by inviting 10 friends or family to support our cause. You can invite them to sign for our updates, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter. An invitation from you is far more powerful and convincing than anything we could do to grow momentum.



Write or Respond

Write a letter to the editor of your local paper explaining why you support expanding access to high-quality pre-k or respond to a pre-k related story or opinion featured in your local paper. Never written a letter to the editor? No problem–click here to download our quick tips for writing and submitting a letter!



 Visit Your Legislator

Pre-K for PA wants to learn where all of our state elected leaders stand on this year’s historic pre-K budget. You could be a huge help by meeting your legislator personally to share your story. We can help you schedule and conduct an effective visit with your legislator at the constituent office near your home. We can even arrange for a fellow volunteer or staff person to join you.


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Program Outline

  • Sign up: to adopt your legislator!
  • Look up: your state senator and representative at www.tinyurl.com/palegis by typing in your program’s address in the form.
  • Hang up: your monthly theme/activity sheet and keep it in a visible location, like the teacher’s lounge, classroom wall, or cork board.
  • Plan it: by committing to an activity for the classroom each month through June. Use our suggested calendar themes or craft your own!
  • Document it: by taking photos or videos and share them with your Pre-K for PA field organizer and we’ll feature your updates on Pre-K for PA’s social media sites!
  • Send it: along (or drop off) projects and activities to your adopted state legislators each month. Include your own note or use the sample notes we’ll provide to you.
  • Invite: your legislators to read to your classroom during Week of the Young Child or anytime!
  • Push it: Legislators have busy schedules. While meeting with constituents is important to them, sometimes you have to reach out more than once.
  • Give thanks: Periodically recognize and thank your adopted legislator. Extend a personal letter, include an article in the family newsletter or host a small reception for the work he/she has done on behalf of early childhood education.

Monthly Themes

Early learning professionals work every day to offer productive and FUN activities for young learners during their most formative years. We want to help you get the resources you need to serve each student in your classroom. We invite you to download our monthly calendar of themes if you’d like to follow along with us.

Monthly Activities

We’ll update this page with suggested monthly activities, social media posts, and dates of interest. You are welcome to use our suggestions or you can always add your own creative spin!

Developmentally appropriate activities: Click here to download suggestions for monthly activities aligned with our themes

Communicate with your legislators

Send photos, videos, and updates to your representatives via social media. We assembled each legislator’s social media profiles (where available) on Facebook and Twitter–you can download the full list here.





Download a PDF of this Adoption Certificate.


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Pre-K for PA's work is possible only through generous contributions from the 1675 Foundation, The Donley Foundation, GE Employees Community Service Fund, The Heinz Endowments, The Lenfest Foundation, The Philadelphia Foundation, Samuel S. Fels Fund, and William Penn Foundation.

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