A Head Start Mom

My name is Ashlee Lepley I am a mother of two, and have been involved with Head Start for 6 years. I became a mom at the young age of seventeen just out of high-school.  I had many new mom questions and really wanted some guidance as a new, young mother. I found out about Early Head Start. My daughter, Taelynn was three months when we started the program. I had a home visitor come once a week to my home. She helped me gain my confidence as a mother, and helped my little girl reach all her mile stones. Not only did she reach all the mile stones, she surpassed them! The age of two she was surpassing the mile stones of a three-year-old in physical, language, literacy and math skills. She also was writing! I thought my daughter was gifted I was so impressed with her skills! She was counting to ten, identifying all her colors, identifying letters and was talking so well!  My home visitor taught me how my daughter learned best and gave me activities and ideas to try at home. Not only, did she help teach, my little girl, she helped with appointments, insurance questions, housing, potty training, time-outs, behavior and ANYTHING I needed guidance with as a parent. My daughter eventually moved on to Head Start where she kept on exceeding her goals. She did so well; as a parent I AM so proud. Taelynn then, moved on to Kindergarten where she passed the kindergarten exam with flying colors! I also have a two-year-old in Early Start, he is also exceeding mile-stones! (Especially in gross motor!)  I became so interested in the program I volunteered in the classrooms and obtained my CDA. I started working in the classroom as a teachers-aid for four years. This year I was very blessed and earned a position as a teacher in the classroom.  I love the program, it is the reason my children are who they are today and I honestly don’t know where we would be without it. My children and myself thrived off this program. It gave us education (including myself), provided us with resources and helped me receive an income to provide for them.