We’re making high-quality pre-k a top priority in the 2014 election — with your help. Thanks for taking action from home.

On this page, download resources to recruit your personal contacts to sign the Pre-K for PA petition:

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Dear _____,

We’re getting close to Election Day in Pennsylvania — November 4.

I am asking you to take a simple online action to help the young children and families in our commonwealth. Sign the petition to ensure that all 3- and 4-year-olds can access high-quality pre-kindergarten at www.prekforpa.org/join.

Pre-K for PA has put together an impressive statewide coalition to champion this cause. We need to make sure that all children have a chance at entering kindergarten ready to succeed. Many parents want their kids to have access to the kind of rich environments found at a good preschool, but right now only 1 in 6 children are able to access high-quality pre-k with public funds.

We want to make sure that the next Governor and General Assembly — no matter who is elected — makes our kids a priority. You can help make that possible by signing Pre-K for PA’s petition at www.prekforpa.org/join.

AND… Pre-K for PA has all kinds of graphics to spruce up your Facebook and Twitter feeds. After you sign the petition, visit www.prekforpa.org/share and pick a graphic to share on social media. I’ve copied one of my favorites below.

Your friend,